The Shamata Difference

Shamata Pilates & Yoga Adelaide is not your average Pilates or Yoga studio.

While most Pilates studios are targeted at elite athletes or people with injuries, Shamata Pilates & Yoga was created for health conscious individuals who want an effective and enjoyable way to improve their physical fitness, increase flexibility and strengthen and tone their bodies.

Most Pilates studios focus on core, classical Pilates (the Pilates moves developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s). The problem with that approach is it ignores developments and discoveries in modern exercise science. Joseph’s moves were also developed for elite dancers, not people in the 21st century, many of whom spend 8-10 hours a day sitting.

Shamata Pilates & Yoga incorporates modern Pilates moves with advances in exercise science and ancient relaxation and meditation methods. The result is an effective, enjoyable class that calms the mind and targets the areas of your body where you need both stretching and strengthening most.

Shamata Pilates & Yoga is a cross between a day spa and a Yoga or Pilates Studio. Relax and let us pamper you while you improve your health and enjoy your exercise. You will leave feeling calm, relaxed, centred, energised, taller and like you have worked every muscle in your body.

Each individual Yoga or Pilates Class has the same format and intensity each time but the exercises change, keeping your minds and bodies guessing (and preventing a plateau)!

Our Pilates Classes are efficient, scientifically designed and are gentle on your body. There is no need to kill yourself in class and in most cases, you will barely sweat (with the exception of the Challenge class), so there is no need to shower after your class. You get maximum results for minimum effort and will start to see and feel the changes in your body within a few weeks.


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