Here at Shamata Pilates & Yoga Adelaide we pride ourselves on being friendly, passionate and above all providing a superior service to our clients.

Our instructors are amazingly talented at helping you to reach your individual goals, improve your overall health and enjoy your exercise.

Rebecca Fletcher

Studio Director

Rebecca FletcherAfter completing her Bachelor in Dance Performance at Adelaide College of the Arts (ACA), Rebecca went on to study certified Pilates Mat Instruction. Both Rebecca’s Dance and Pilates studies have provided her with strong knowledge of the ‘Principles of Pilates’ and the human anatomy with its functions in relation to Pilates. She has over 8 years of Pilates experience which gives her a rich palette from which to draw knowledge, inspiration and motivation. Rebecca enjoys helping her clients achieve their best potential in their Pilates practice so that they can be strong and flexible and enjoy the many benefits that Pilates can bring to their lives. Her classes are influenced by her dance and yoga practices and are always unique so clients can feel like they are constantly moving in new ways and developing their bodies and minds constantly. Rebecca is dedicated to helping people lead healthy, balanced, happy lives and Pilates is her driving force for this.


Jess Bruhn


Jess has a passion for Pilates which comes from a personal practice of over 15 years. Pilates has been Jess’s ‘my time’ pre- and post-pregnancy, helping with her mental and physical wellbeing. She is passionate about sharing the health and wellbeing benefits of Pilates with our amazing Shamata clients, and helping answer any questions anyone may have.





Toni Cartwright


ToniProviding enjoyable and effective sessions, Toni focuses on controlled movements, proper alignment and correct technique ensuring her clients get the most out of their class. She is passionate about Pilates, how it provides mind-body awareness and the positive change it has for every person, every day in everything they do.







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