Convenient Online Booking

Here at Shamata Pilates & Yoga Adelaide we understand that you can’t always plan your life in advance and so have made it as easy as possible to book in and out of classes. Booking is easy and can be done 24/7 from anywhere in the world, on your smart phone, tablet device or computer.

Pilates Yoga Online Booking

Simply use the ‘Shamata Client Login’ button (top-right of our site) to create a Shamata Client Login and Book Your Classes.

See below for How to Book Classes, How to View and Cancel your bookings, and How to Use the Wait List.

(NOTE: no payment can or will be taken online – the prices represent normal pricing without any specials or packages you may have. All payments are processed in our studio.)


Visit the ‘Shamata Client Login’ area to:

  • Book, change or cancel classes online instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Receive instant confirmation of your bookings
  • View your upcoming appointments online
  • Check how many Class Credits you have left in your series
  • View stats about how many classes you have done and any orders you have made


 How to Book Classes

  1. Click ‘Shamata Client Login’ on homepage of website
  2. Click ‘sign-up/login’
  3. Enter your login details
  4. Click ‘add to cart’ on the class that you would like to book in for.
  5. Either click ‘Add more classes’ or ‘checkout’.
  6. When you have finished adding your classes, click on the little cart in the top right hand corner that says ‘my cart’ (this will list the classes that you have selected)
  7. Click ‘checkout’
  8. Read and click ‘I accept the cancellation policy’
  9. Click ‘complete booking’

You will then receive a confirmation email with the bookings.

How to View and Cancel your Bookings

  1. Click ‘Shamata Client Login’ on homepage of website
  2. Click ‘sign-up/login’
  3. Enter your login details
  4. Click the ‘my account’ tab on the top right of the screen
  5. Click ‘appointments’ (this will display your upcoming bookings – this is what is in our system)
  6. If you would like to cancel a class, simply click ‘cancel’ next to the class bookings that you would like to cancel

You will then receive a cancellation notification email for each class you cancel.

How the Wait List works

Each class has limited places available. When a class is full, you have the option to add your name to a wait list to reserve a spot if one becomes available. If someone cancels out of the class, you will automatically be booked in to the class, and will receive a ‘Wait List Request Granted’ confirmation email.

Add your name to a Class Waitlist:

  1. Log in to the ‘Shamata Client Login’ area (as above) and browse to the class you want
  2. If the class is already full, you will have the option to click ‘Join Waitlist’
  3. Please contact us to remove your name from any class wait list

Wait List Cancellations:

Please note that our Cancellation Policy (below) applies as normal to automatic Wait List bookings, with the following exception:

  • If your wait list request has been granted less than 6 hours before the class start time, the cancellation policy will not be applied to you. Please still cancel at your earliest convenience if you cannot attend the class.

Cancellation Policy

Please provide 6 hours notice of your cancellation to allow other clients an opportunity to book into the class.

Full payment or prepaid credits will be automatically charged if less than 6 hours notice of cancellation is provided.

For Unlimited Direct Debit Members if more than 1 class is cancelled with less than 6 hours notice in any given month, a cancellation fee of $25 will be charged for each further late cancellation/no show in that month.